ATTENTION: Men and Women Who Want To Sculpt 6 Pack Abs

All It Takes Is 6 Minutes And 6 Exercises To Sculpt A Lean And Attractive 6-Pack, Shred Away Stubborn Love Handles And Reveal A Head-Spinning Midsection That You’re Proud To Show Off…

And I Want To Pay YOU $500 To Get “Cover Model Abs” In As Little As 28-Days From Home… Using Nothing More Than Your Bodyweight & 6 Moves From My Secret Abs Exercise Collection Proven To Activate Every Muscle In Your Core For Shockingly Fast Results!

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Hey! Funk Roberts here and guess what…

You were created to look like a model on the cover of a fitness magazine

With lean, sculpted abs that get attention at the beach… make some folks green with envy because of how lean you are… and others staring with red hot desire

Abs that make your partner gasp when you get intimate for the first time… or get them excited when you strip off your shirt even if you’ve been together for years…

A midsection that has you feeling confident when you look in the mirror each morning… ready to take on the day…

Because You Have What Almost No One Else Does…

Lines that divide your abs into distinct, visible muscleschiseled obliques… and the feeling of sheer power that comes with having a lean and tight core.

Your body was created to look and feel THAT way. Not frumpy, chubby and insecure.

I know it sounds like a bunch of BS… especially if you’ve been a victim of stubborn belly fat that refuses to budge no matter how hard you diet or exercise…

Have worked like hell to get that last bit of “pooch belly” to go away… but it still bunches up when you sit down and spoils your physique when you’re naked…  

Or you’ve tried hour-long abs workouts… expensive fat burners… long cardio sessions… and even though the rest of your body looks a little better… your abs hardly look different at all.

But the good news is…

It’s A Lot Easier To Get Abs Like Men And Women On The Covers Of Fitness Magazines Than You’ve Been Led To Believe…

You’ve been fed a lot of bull crap about how you can’t “spot treat” fat loss in your midsection…

Or how you have to kill yourself on some low-cal diet… on top of intermittent fasting… on top of HIIT cardio… to see any changes in the mirror…

Because there is a way to target and eliminate stubborn belly fat… while you chisel your abs at the exact same time

Regardless of your age, gender, or how long the fat has been hanging around your belly… 
Using a secret group of abs exercises that I developed years ago to beat up my own belly fat and show off head-spinning abs even today at 52-years old…   
Best of all…

All it takes is 6 minutes… using just 6 abs movementsfrom the comfort of your own home… with ZERO equipment… and WITHOUT sacrificing your favorite foods or lifestyle to do it. Introducing…
One Time Payment
The Perfect Abs
Home Workout Program

Regular Price $59

Today ONLY $29

One Time Payment…Lifetime Access
(NO Additional Cost…NO Future Payments, NO Recurring Fees)
Inside the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program you’ll get…
Perfect Abs Follow Along Videos
When you sign up for the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program it’ll be like I’m right there in your living room… coaching you the whole way…

Because I’ve recorded every Perfect Abs workout so you and I can battle through each 6-minute session together.

All you have to do is open up the video of the day... press “play”... and give it your all for just 6-minutes…
And you’ll start seeing lean cuts of muscle in your abs and obliques… and have an overall stronger, harder core that you’re proud to show off.

Every workout uses only your bodyweight… so you can stay consistent with the program even if you’re traveling and you’re stuck in a tiny hotel room… and it won’t matter if another lockdown hits or anything like that.

And every workout is only 6-minutes so you can fit it into your schedule no problem even if you’re the busiest person in the world.

Plus these videos are so convenient you don’t even need a stopwatch or to set up a timer on your phone.

Just follow along with me in the Perfect Abs workout of the day and you’ll chisel out a rock-hard midsection that turns heads and makes you feel great in your clothes, a bathing suit, and even naked.
Perfect Abs Exercise Demonstration Videos
The ab-sculpting movements inside the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program aren’t your granddaddy’s abs workouts, okay?

No sit-ups. No crunches. No long planks.

These exercises are the very ones that I use to carve out my own midsection… and they’re proven to give you the biggest bang for your buck so you can achieve head-turning abs faster than ever before.
Even though there’s nothing “traditional” about these workouts…

Each movement is still basic… meaning anyone can do it regardless of fitness level…

Yet they’re super-effective when it comes to burning fat and sculpting your abs at the same time.

Best of all— you won’t need any equipment.

All you need is your body and these movements… and your washboard abs will start to appear almost overnight.
Perfect Abs Main Guide
The abdominals are a very big muscle group

And the key to activate each muscle in your abdominals… and get the most out of every movement is to know how the different muscles in your core function.

Inside the Perfect Abs Main Guide I’ll explain your core in detail…

And break it down into easy to understand bite-sized-chunks…  

So you can know how to “connect” with your core during your workouts and stimulate your abs for the fastest growth and best development possible.
Perfect Abs 28-Day Success Calendar
Studies show the fastest path to sculpted abs is to track your progress.

That’s why when you sign up for the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program you’ll also get a 28-day success calendar

So you can keep yourself accountable and knock out these short and effective 6-minute workouts day after day

Until you’re staring at a whole new midsection in the mirror just 28-days from now.
Your goal is very simple.

Do one 6-minute abs workout inside the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program 6 days a week for the next 28-days… and you’ll be unstoppable on your path to your best abs yet.

Regular Price $59

Today ONLY $29

One Time Payment…Lifetime Access
(NO Additional Cost…NO Future Payments, NO Recurring Fees)
One Time Payment
Imagine What Life Will Be Like With A New Set
Of Lean, Sculpted, Attractive Abs!
Great looking abs are the defining mark of a fit body.

And starting just 28-days from now you can be one of the lucky few to finally ditch that squishy belly and replace it with a rock hard six pack… chiseled obliques… and a stronger, tighter core.

Imagine what it’ll be like to stand in front of the mirror with an overwhelming sense of pride because YOU did what 99% of people will never do…

And claimed a strong and attractive midsection in just 6-minutes per day from the comfort of your own home.

And not only do you have a whole new sense of respect and confidence in yourself...
But others have more respect for you too… because having great abs is a sign of discipline and self carequalities that are universally admired by everyone.

Not to mention life is just so much better when you have great looking abs.

It’s like having a superpower…

Because when you take your shirt off at the beach suddenly you get tons of attention… and you don’t have any lingering insecurities about your belly that steal the fun away…

When you strip off your shirt in the bedroom your partner can’t help but touch all over your midsection… and they’re turned on like never before because of how sexy your abs are…

And peers from work, friends on social media, or guys and gals who scroll through your dating profile instantly put you on a pedestal when they see a picture of your ripped midsection on display.

Plus feeling great about the way you look just makes you perform better and with more confidence in every area of life.

Because even if you aren’t showing off your abs for everybody to see all the time…

Walking around with a six pack under your shirt is like having a hundred-dollar bill in your pocket. No one else knows about it, but it’s there in case you need it. And it feels good to have it.  

Plus having a strong core helps you in more ways than one— like during your workouts, at a manual labor job, or even carrying your young kids around while you’re running errands.

Basically - having great abs can change your life

Just like it changed these guys who use the Perfect Abs workout routines.
And if that weren’t enough reason to sign up for the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program… how does the chance to win $500 for your transformation sound?
$500 Bonus Prize For The Best Before/After Picture
To make this opportunity even more exciting… and to give you extra motivation to shape your midsection with the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program

I want to give YOU a chance to win $500 at the end of your perfect abs journey. $500 to a female and $500 to a male

Here’s how the Perfect Abs Before & After Contest works

1. Take two “before” pictures of yourself. One from the front and one from the side. (Yes - it does mean taking a picture so I can see your belly.)
2. Give the 28-day Perfect Abs Home Workout Program your best effort.

3. Take your “after” pictures from the front and the side after you finish the final workout in the program.

4. Send them to me at

5. The best male and female transformation (most improved abs) will win $500 each.

The contest will be open from December 1, 2020-March 1, 2021. And guess what…  

If you want an extra edge to get even better results, I’ll tell you how to do that on the next page after you sign up for the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program.

So keep that in mind after you sign up.

And guess what…

Not only is the program just $29 when you sign up today… with a chance to win $500 for your transformation… but I’ll also back up your small investment with my…
60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t love your results at the end of the program…
you won’t pay a single penny!

I’m a firm believer that if a program promises big results like I’m doing right now… then it should live up to those claims.

And if it doesn’t… you shouldn’t pay a single penny for it.

That’s why when you sign up for the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program I’ll back up your tiny $29 investment with my 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t shred away fat from your midsection… see new lines in your abs and obliques… and stand in front of the mirror with a new sense of confidence and feel great about your sculpted midsection…

Just let me know and you’ll get your money back. No questions asked. No hassles.

With that said…

If you follow the Perfect Abs Home Workout Program just as I’ve laid out for you… it’s impossible for you to not see head turning improvements to your midsection. You’re going to be blown away by your results.

And if by any chance you aren’t, just email me and you’ll get your money back.

So you see - this is a zero-risk, all reward opportunity. Not to mention, you have a chance to win $500. In other words, it’s a no-brainer.
Click the button below that says “Yes! Send Me My Perfect Abs Home Workout Program!” to get started.

Regular Price $59

Today ONLY $29

One Time Payment…Lifetime Access
(NO Additional Cost…NO Future Payments, NO Recurring Fees)
The Perfect Abs Home Workout Program is the most convenient way to sculpt a head-turning midsection that you’re proud to show off… in just 6-minutes per day from home.

And you can get it for just $29 measly bucks… with a chance to win $500 if you have the best abs transformation by the time you’re done with the program.

C’mon… it’s a no brainer.

Just click the button below that says “Yes! Send Me My Perfect Abs Workout Program!”

Complete the secure checkout form on the following page…

And you’ll gain access to everything inside the program and can start chiseling out an impressive midsection right now today.

And remember…

After you complete your order I’ll let you in on how you can get better and faster results from the program and get that much closer to having the best abs transformation and claiming your $500 prize.

Go ahead and click the button below and I’ll see you on the other side.

Today ONLY $29

One Time Payment…Lifetime Access
(NO Additional Cost…NO Future Payments, NO Recurring Fees)
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